If you want to test and monitor your cooling tower water,

CLICK HERE for more information on how to get your own reliable water test kits! If you're in the greater New York City, NY area, ensure you're following the NY State cooling tower water compliance laws. Look no further for your testing kit than Cooling Tower Dip Slides, Inc.

Legionella Testing

Legionella is a bacteria that can thrive in human-made water systems if they're not properly maintained. Prevent severe illness and other problems with routine testing and cleanings.

Certified Cooling Tower Cleaning

Legionella, can live in these units and find their way into the air at your facility. Be proactive about the health of your employees with treatment from ADK Water Solutions. Inc.

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Looking into any of our water services? Call professionals from ADK Water Solutions, Inc., the trusted choice for all water related services, including cooling tower cleaning, testing and inspection in New York City. Call today at 718-606-0490.

Don't Let Water Maintenance Fall to the Wayside

Water treatment services in Greater New York City Area, New York and New York City

ADK Water Solutions, Inc. provides water testing and purification services in New York State, New Jersey, and Connecticut. Our dedicated professionals will do whatever it takes to improve the water quality at residential, commercial and industrial facilities in the area. ADK Water Solutions, Inc. specializes in Legionella testing, Legionella inspection, cooling tower cleaning, and boiler water treatment to prevent illnesses and other negative health effects.

Make sure your business is up to code

Since the Legionella outbreak, New York requires that all commercial facilities regularly test their cooling towers and check for Legionella and other bacteria. With our extensive services, you can make sure you are complying with new codes, laws and ordinances - and making sure your employees are in a healthy environment.

Cleaner, healthier water for anyone and everyone in New York City, NY

Cleaner, healthier water for anyone and everyone in New York City, NY

ADK Water Solutions, Inc. has been a trusted choice for water treatment and filtration services in New York City, NY for nearly 20 years. We provide a range of services for homes and facilities who want to purify their water and protect their water systems. You can come to our professionals for any of the following:

Every member of our staff is thoroughly invested in what we do. We understand the importance of what we provide for families and employees. You can count on our small business to deliver outstanding solutions and personalized attention to your needs. ADK Water Solutions, Inc. works around the clock, so if there's ever an emergency, you know who to call! Schedule a time for your consultation today.

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