What Building Owners Need to Know About Cooling Towers in New York City and State

Learn How to Keep Them Maintained and Avoid Health Risks

Easily avoid having a contaminated cooling tower by preforming regular, anticipatory maintenance. Not only is it the law, but it also reduces the possibility of health risks. If your cooling tower gets polluted, it will result in a reduced cooling capacity meaning it will no longer be reliable.

Building Owners Must Take These Steps of Precaution:

  • Make sure all of the cooling towers associated with the building are disinfected
  • Have up to date records in the building, at all times, containing a list of all inspections and disinfections of the cooling towers. You must be able to produce a record on the spot if asked for one by City Officials
  • City Officials might also request an on the spot record of the inspection and remediation. As a building owner, you must be able to produce these records as well.

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